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Plastic Building Template

    Due to the expensive plastic sheets in China, plastic model sheet is not commonly used in the construction of building yet. However, the wood plastic products and plastic free foam sheet have already used for the production of building model sheet by the foreign country in the early 1980s’. Through many years’ development and research, many researchers of our company and other equipment manufactures have developed and produced the plastic building model sheet. It can be recycled and used instead of the commonly used bamboo plywood. Besides, it has some characteristic of anti-absorption of moisture, anti-mildew and recyclable which bamboo plywood never has. The number of turnover using is far more than bamboo plywood.

Advantages of Plastic Model board:

1. High integrity, good performance of intensity, stable size, high toughness of surface, attrition resistant, easy to be washed. Can endure the weight of 400-500Kg per kilometer and different kinds of construction pressure.

2. Hot resistant, cold resistant, anti-aging, the surface is smooth, could be used between 60—100 times, with big applying temperature range from -15 to 50 ℃.

3. It is very convenient to construct and also can improve the speed of construction. It is not strict to the worker’s grade; it is also easy to demold.

4. After demolding, the appearance is clean and smooth, can save the money for plastering and the fee of material, save the time of construction.

5. It can be recycled after usage of two years.

6. The gap between board and board is no more than 2mm; it can be piece together an integrity any size of the room in the course of constructing.

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