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Fireproof Plastic Template

    PVC and ABS material fireproof plastic mold is widely used in MgO board, light fiber fireproof board and building mold. Its using temperature is PVC (30-70℃), ABS (50-120℃). Its surface is smooth, even thickness, thickness error is within national standard. Diagonal error is within 5mm. it is the ideal material for manufacturing all kinds of fireproof board. Our product sells well in domestic market, partial product exported to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


PVC template:

Thickness: 4-8mm, width: within 1350mm, any length.

Common 4-6mmX1300mmX2500-3100mm

ABS template:

Thickness: 3-5mm, width: within 1350mm, any length.

Common 3-4 mmX1300X2500-3100mm

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