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PVC Extruded Rigid Plastic Sheet

    This product is PVC resin after extrusion molding rigid plastic sheets, adding some auxiliary material, like stabilizer.

Product Specification:

      Thickness:  2-25mm,             width: 1220x2440 (variable length)

      Thickness:  2-15mm,             width: 1500x2000 (variable length)

      Thickness:  2-25mm,             width: 1300x2000 (variable length)

      Thickness:  2-30mm,             width: 1000x2000 (variable length)


White, gray, light gray, black, cream yellow, off-white, sky blue.

Characteristic and use:

    It has good performance of enduring corruption of acid and alkali, with high mechanical performance. It is used mainly as the corrosion-resistant structural material of chemical industry, environmental protection and electroplating. It can also be used in the template of building fireproof and insulating material, colored sheet is suitable for the electronic printing board, but unsuitable to make food container.

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